Cocinas Jayme
c/ Cuesta del Rosario, 16-D. 41004 - Sevilla - Telf.: 954 21 54 57 -

Artesanía Salcedo started its work in 1962, encouraged by the Jiménez-Salcedo Brothers’ momentum.

Since the very first period its old atelier has always been prolific at any kind of lanterns, lamps, lampshades and pieces of furniture made in varied top quality materials and forms as tin, wrought iron, brass, ceramics, etc. Our artisans work on every piece with care and we design any kind of customized shape under our clients’ demand.

1971 is the year in which our showroom open its doors at C/ Cuesta del Rosario 16 in the center of Seville (next to the Jewish Quarter), offering a new space for our final customers. Nowadays, Alberto Jiménez-Tello has fully inherited the inspirational energy of his family to offer “ Salcedo Sevilla” as a renewed space full of pieces of art where our clients can come by.

We have an extensive catalogue ( over 700 samples) at our customers’ disposal in which we offer our high quality products. Besides, we also remake old damaged pieces or design new shapes thanks to our 100% personalized service.